Varoufakis talks about Europe and the third Greek program

September 7, 2015

Here are two interesting videos featuring Yannis Varoufakis the ex-Finance Minister of Greece. There is also a very interesting interview with Varoufakis at Squawk Box Europe.

In the first video published on 28 Aug 2015 Varoufakis is questioned by a German interviewer about the details of what when on during the months of tense negotiations preceding the third Greek program. Varoufakis talks openly about the negotiations and about the explicit desire of of the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble to force a Grexit. After a brief teaser the interview proper starts about 30 seconds into the video.



The second video is a presentation that Yannis Varoufakis gave on 6th September 2015 on “Old and new conflicts and challenges in the European Union”. On his blog Varoufakis says this about the presentation:

“In a session entitled ‘Old and New Conflicts and Challenges in the EU’, featuring also Peter Sutherland (FT), Mario Monti and Otmar Issing, I used the unwillingness of the Eurogroup, and the troika, even to consider a document prepared by my (then) ministry (entitled “A Policy Framework for Greece’s Fiscal Consolidation, Recover and Growth“ as a case in point of how Europe has lost its integrity and is in the process of losing its soul (judging by the scandalous failure to address the refugee crisis).”



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