The French first round

April 24, 2017

Just over 40% of the French electorate voted for a candidate that wanted to leave the Euro. Macron will almost certainly win the second round but then the sparkling young new president will have to confront France’s deep divisions, try to do something about France’s dire economic position while constrained by the straight jacket of the single currency, and govern without a parliamentary majority. A Macron’s victory will not solve the deep divisions in France. Le Pen and the NF have always targeted the 2022 election as the one the think they can actually win.

The two stage French legislative elections process starts on 10 June 2012, and with the collapse of the mainstream parties of the right and the left the result is likely to be a very polarised assembly.

The maps below show the political situation in the country. The first shows how Le Pen’s support comes from the periphery and the old rust belt. The second chart shows that the further a voter is from Paris the higher the chance that they will vote NF.

Ilse April 24, 2017

It boils down to “us against the elites” again… biting my knuckles..

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