Debating “Corbynomics”

September 7, 2015

The proposals from Jeremy Corbyn have definitively opened up and extended the debate on economic policy but how practical are they? The economic policies of Jeremy Corbyn have been described by 41 economists in one letter as being mainstream economics, following which a different 55 economists wrote to the FT claiming those policies would be highly damaging.

Here is an audio recording of a discussion of “Corbynomics” between the architect of the policies, Richard Murphy, author of The Courageous State and writer of the Tax Research UK blog, and Frances Coppola, who writes for the FT and Forbes and whose own blog, Coppola Comment seeks to broaden the debate on the efficacy of quantitative easing and other economic policies.

Source: The audio recording was posted as a podcast at Brewin Dolphin.

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